xarTinyMCE 3.3.x

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Stable release with updated core code and bug fixes.

This 3.3.0 release updates the core tinymce code to the upstream git revision b81073c in 3.5.1 branch. There are a number of fixes especially for webkit, gecko and ie browsers in addition to specific bugs affecting usability in the wysiwyg.

A major bug fix in this versions was for Issue xtm-000738   This bug caused text to be lost if the wysiwyg editor was hidden or not active on first page load. The text would not be saved once the wysiwyg was activated.

Remember also that there have been recent change in the last release with the ability to configure plugins such as ibrowser from the xarTinyMCE user interface. There is no further need for the external config file for ibrowser.


  • Xarigami Core 1.4.0 and above
  • Xarigami HTML module
    Some modules will only allow limited HTML on content display. The HTML module is required to enable some HTML tags and their attributes to function on your website.

Install and upgrade


Install xarTinyMCE 3 as you would any other module.

  • Extract the zip or tar.gz file rename the folder from tinymce3.1.0 to tinymce and add this to your site's modules directory.
  • Regenerate your module listing and click on install to install and activate the module.
  • Please read the help.txt documentation provided in xardocs directory or the xarTinyMCE Overview page


xarTinyMCE 3 series is not backward compatible with versions less than 3.0.0. If you are using a version less than 3.0.0 (including a beta), please uninstall xartinymce from your website fully  prior to installing the new version.

  • Remove any prior version files from your modules directory in modules/tinymce.
  • Ensure you remove any override templates in your theme for the tinymce DD property or update it by diffing against the new tinymce DD property template in this release.
  • Extract the zip or tar.gz file rename the folder from tinymce3.1.0 to tinymce and add this to your site's modules directory.
  • Regenerate your module listing and click on upgrade to upgrade the module,  and don't forget to then activate the module.
  • When you activate TinyMCE make sure you go to ModifyConfig and Reload Configuration Options
  • Please read the documentation provided in the xarTinyMCE Overview page

NOTE: If you have been using the beta 3.3.0 version, then you may see an error in the module listing when you go to upgrade. This is just an issue with the fourth point beta suffix in the version number. Please click on the error icon to view the error, and then click on the link to upgrade the version in the database to the filesystem version.


The official 3.3.0 version zip file is available only from this website. You can download the original 3.3.0 zip release from this page. The current, and always the latest developer snapshots as zip and tar.gz files are also available from the xarigami dev snapshot area.


Please feel free to post your support questions in the Xarigami Support Forums or our #xarigami IRC channel at irc server talk.xarigami.com. All bugs or other issues for this version should be logged in the xarTinyMCE Issue tracker.

Note that there is a lot of out of date documentation on xarTinyMCE on various websites which can cause you problems and lost time in your install. Up to date documentation for the current xarTinyMCE can be found at xarTinyMCE project resource pages and should be read before asking questions on the support forums.


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Resource file: xarigami14x_tinymce-3.3.0.zip xarigami14x_tinymce-3.3.0.zip

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