xarigami sharecontent 1.1.0

Posted by: Jo on December 31, 2011  |  Last modified on Apr 8, 2012 12:49:24 PM by Jo

making content sharing quick and easy


Xarigami Sharecontent module provides a quick and easy way to add social content share links to your site content pages.

This is a major feature release with additional functionality added including new dynamic data properties  with documentation for major share sites (google plus, facebook and twitter) as well as updates and fixes for existing functionality.

Updated 1 Jan 2012: Bug fix release Version 1.1.1

sharec-000940 Bug Typos in tweet, facebook button code
sharec-000939 Improvement Tweet - Count URL not specified
sharec-000941 Improvement Allow passing in of params for DD
sharec-000942 Improvement google plus button size


This version 1.1.0 includes:

sharec-000742 Bug Incorrect js tag in webconfig page
sharec-000743 Improvement Remove remaining xarError* calls
sharec-000929 Improvement Add twiiter, facebook and google + share links
sharec-000933 Improvement Modify config page with options
sharec-000930 New feature Add Tweet button and counter
sharec-000931 New feature Facebook like button with counter
sharec-000932 New feature Google +1 with counter
sharec-000934 New feature Twitter Tweet DD property
sharec-000935 New feature Facebook Like DD property
sharec-000936 New feature Google +1 DD property


  • Xarigami Core 1.4.0 and above

Install and upgrade

The module can be installed in the usual way in your modules directory and activated in the module listing interface on your xarigami website.

For upgrades, note that new twitter, facebook and google plus share buttons have been added to the general share content site listings.


The official 1.1.0 version zip file is  from this website as:

  • a zip download from this page
  • a Monotone pull from the com.2skies.xarigami.modules.sharecontent branch of the xarigami modules database
  • a zip or tar.gz file from the xarigami dev snapshot area.


Please feel free to post your support questions in the Xarigami Support Forums or our #xarigami IRC channel at irc server talk.xarigami.com. All bugs or other issues for this version should be logged in the sharecontent Issue tracker.


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Resource file: xarigami140_sharecontent-1.1.1.zip xarigami140_sharecontent-1.1.1.zip

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