xarigami files 0.6.2

Posted by: Jo on August 25, 2010 |  Updated: September 15, 2010 05:15 PM

file upload, management and sharing

A simple file manager allowing upload and sharing of files among those with appropriate access rights.

Full details on the Xarigami Files module can be found on the project page.

This is the first release of the Xarigami version providing the following enhancements:

xfiles-000607 Bug Upload javascript is not unobtrusive
xfiles-000609 Bug User feedback on bad archive dir
xfiles-000610 Bug upload and rename in menu when not writeable
xfiles-000611 Bug UI in browse - not easy to see details link
xfiles-000614 Bug Bad preview for non-image/txt files
xfiles-000605 Improvement Add xarigami menus
xfiles-000606 Improvement Improve user navigation
xfiles-000608 Improvement Add configuration options for uploads
xfiles-000613 Improvement Add modal popup for preview


  • Xarigami 1.1.8 core and above

This version does NOT work with upstream Xaraya but may do with some specific changes  which we haven't got to yet. If there is enough demand we will spend the time to do this. Please let us know.


We welcome your discussion and feedback, and support questions at the Xarigami user or developer forums.

The latest development snapshots as well as tar.gz files are available in the Xarigami developer snapshot area in the modules directory.

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Resource file: files-0.6.2.zip files-0.6.2.zip

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