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a quick reference to xarigami monotone public databases and branches

The following Xarigami monotone databases are  available. They are listed with the appropriate commands and available branches.

Please contact us if you think you don't have access to a branch and would like to have it.

If you just want a zip or tarball of one of the modules, themes, or core branches, then please check in the developer snapshot download area, and failing that please contact us.

For more detailed Monotone usage instructions with xarigami code please see Xarigami Dev - Starting with Monotone

Please note:
We welcome commits to the Xarigami monotone databases. However, by making commits to the xarigami monotone databases you signify your agreement to making them read accessible to any person that has read access to those xarigami repositories and GPL licenced.

If you have created your own specific branches in the xarigami repositories, you alone can retain write access if you wish, or decide who should have write access to your branches but they will be readable by those with access to the xarigami repositories.

[If you do want a private monotone server and database that only you and your nominated persons have access to we do provide that but as a fee for service].

Xarigami Core

[monotone< v 1.0] mtn -d [yourdatabase.db] pull dev.2skies.com [branch]
[monotone>= v 1.0]
mtn -d [yourdatabase.db] pull mtn://dev.2skies.com?[branch]

Available branches :

  • com.2skies.xarigami.core [ stable development branch php 5.3 required]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.1.1.8 [ maintenance only cumulus branch]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.1.3.5 [ maintenance only cumulus branch]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.1.4.0 [ php 5.2 compatible - all new 1.4.x releases from this branch]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.dev [ unstable development branch]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.cirrus [cirrus development branch]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.javascript [merged to cumulus core]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.cirrus.dirlayout [merged to cirrus and cumulus core]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.exceptions  [merged to cumulus core]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.cirrus.tablereview [merged to cirrus]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.cirrus.variables [merged to cumulus]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.themevars [merged to cumulus]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.cirrus.newprivileges [to be merged to cirrus]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.dyndata [merged to cirrus core]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.access [to be merged to cumulus]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.template [merged to cumulus]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.core.bootstrap [merged to cumulus]

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Xarigami Modules

[monotone < v 1.0] mtn -d [yourdatabase.db] pull dev.2skies.com:15000 [branch][monotone>= v 1.0] mtn -d [yourdatabase.db] pull mtn://dev.2skies.com:15000?[branch]

All modules maintained at xarigami can be found in the com.2skies.xarigami.modules.* branches which contain modules under development and those compatible with current core development branch.

There are specific module branches containing module compatible  with specific core releases as follows:

  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules* : modules under development and compatible with current core branches 1.4.0 - 1.5.0
  • com.2skies.xarigami.1.1.8.[modulename] : compatible with all versions of xarigami prior to version 1.2.0

Currently maintained modules (use modules*) that may also have a modules.1.1.8 or specific release branch):

  • com.2skies.xarigami.addon.tinymce.ibrowser
  • com.2skies.xarigami.addon.tinymce.imanager
  • com.2skies.xarigami.addon.xsos
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.addressbook
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.akismet
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.articles
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.authemail
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.authldap
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.authfacebook [login via facebook]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.authphpbb2
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.authtwitter [login via twitter]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.autolinks
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.bbcode
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.categories
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.censor
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.changelog
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.comments
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.courses
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.crispbb
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.cssx
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.dphighlight
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.dyn_example
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.ebulletin
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.example
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.files
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.formantibot
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.fxrates [requires update]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.gallery
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.gallery2
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.headlines
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.helpdesk
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.hitcount
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.html
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.ievents
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.images
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.julian
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.keywords
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.liboauth
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.libtwitteroauth
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.logconfig
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.mime
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.messages
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.newsletter
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.pdfgen
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.ping
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.polls
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.pubsub
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.ratings
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.recommend
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.registration
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.scheduler
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.search
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.sharecontent
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.simplepie
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.sitecontact
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modles.sitesearch
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.sitetools
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.smilies
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.sniffer
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.tinymce
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.translations
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.twitter
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.uploads
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.xarbb
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.xarcachemanager
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.xarldap
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.xarpages
  • com.2skies.xarigami.modules.xlink

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Xarigami Themes

[monotone<v 1.0]mtn -d [yourdatabase.db] pull dev.2skies.com:16000 [branch]
[monotone>= v 1.0] mtn -d [yourdatabase.db] pull mtn://dev.2skies.com:16000?[branch]

All branches should be accessible if you have access to the database. Please contact us if you have any problems or require access.

This themes database is slowly growing and aims to provide:

  1. existing xaraya themes that are useful to bring up to date (please feel free to suggest any)
  2. starter themes - useful for basing a new theme on
  3. contributed free opensource themes for anyone to use/modify
  • com.2skies.xarigami.themes.empty 
    [very minimastarter theme updated for latest xarigami]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.themes.half-full 
    [minimal fluid, 1, 2 or 3 column full width starter theme by Dan]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.themes.kiss
    [starter theme with comments illustrating key xarigami theme requirements, basic theme var usage - a fluid, pixel based, 1,2, or 3 column full width  or fixed width (configurable) starter theme by Jo]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.themes.skykiss 
    [advanced starter theme with comments illustrating key xarigami theme requirements, and advanced theme and skin variables based on kiss theme (configurable) by lakys]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.themes.xblogger
    [part port of CopyBlogger wordpress theme]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.themes.xarfastrack
    [a port of wordpress fasttrack theme for Xaraya, under review for update]
  • com.2skies.xarigami.themes.bitter_sweet [port of Bitter Sweet theme]

We'll be adding more themes over time, and welcome any contributed themes.

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Xarigami Languages

[monotone< v 1.0]mtn -d [yourdatabase.db] pull dev.2skies.com:14000 [branch][monotone>= v 1.0] mtn -d [yourdatabase.db] pull mtn://dev.2skies.com:14000?[branch]

A number of branches are currently being worked on but not available from monotone at this time.

  • com.2skies.xarigami.languages.en
  • com.2skies.xarigami.languages.nl

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