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Moderated comments for your xarigami website

Xarigami Comments 1.6.2 is a bug fix release with some minor enhancements.

It consolidates changes made in 1.5.0 on comment moderation and focuses on bug fixes and usability. The key feature in this release is specific switch for holding non-registered user (anonymous) posts for moderation. Anonymous posts are easily setup in the ModifyConfig page of Comments. You can allow this option site wide or by module/itemtype. Similarly you can decide to allow any anonymous posts, or require they provide name, email (not for publication) and website to post, and/or hold them for moderation.

This switch is separate from the 'hold all posts for moderation' switch, and other moderation options that allow holding from publication if there are X or more links,  or no prior posts and so on.

This version 1.6.2 includes:

xcom-000589 Bug Duplicate comments in displayall function
xcom-000676 Bug Input box shows transformed text
xcom-000985 Bug unidentified index - managenotifies.php
xcom-000982 Improvement Internal anchor for comment start
xcom-000983 Improvement avatar
xcom-000984 Improvement Status message for moderated comments
xcom-000981 New feature Hold all Anon posts for moderation


  • Xarigami Core 1.4.0 and above

Install and upgrade

The module can be installed in the usual way in your modules directory and activated in the module listing interface on your xarigami website.

For upgrades, please make sure you check any override templates for


The official 1.6.2 version zip file is  from this website as:

  • a zip download from this page
  • a Monotone pull from the com.2skies.xarigami.modules.comments branch of the xarigami modules database
  • a zip or tar.gz file from the xarigami dev snapshot area.


Please feel free to post your support questions in the Xarigami Support Forums or our #xarigami IRC channel at irc server talk.xarigami.com. All bugs or other issues for this version should be logged in the xarigami comments Issue tracker.

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Resource file: xarigami14x_comments-1.6.2.zip xarigami14x_comments-1.6.2.zip

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