sitetools 0.6.0

Posted by: Jo on January 25, 2010 |  Updated: January 25, 2010 02:26 PM

Essential tools for your xarigami site

This release is a bug fix release with some extra enhancements added to existing functions including.

  • Deletion of template, RSS and ADODb cache files from the GUI
  • Optimization for your database (MySQL only)
  • Backup of your database (MySQL only)
  • Simple SQL Terminal
  • Template cache file browser
  • Site link checker (URL and IMG) for Articles, Roles and XarPages
  • Scheduled backup or optimization of your database
  • FTP of backups to remove server (scheduled only)

In this version

xst-000496 Bug Functions in code marked for deprecation
xst-000497 Bug Not Null defaults not added if empty or zero
xst-000498 Bug Scheduled FTP of backup not working
xst-000500 New feature Add xarpages to link checker

In additon to the above bug fixes and feature additons, a number of changes were made to all admin templates with changing of layout, addition of core classes, and better layout aimed at usability.


Xaraya 1.1.x or Xarigami Cumulus 1.1.5 or above. The same Sitetools builds are usable on both.


Full details of the current Sitetools functionality can be found in the associated project page for Sitetools.

Development gzip and zip snapshot builds are also available for download from the Xarigami Developer Snapshot area.

Check the Xarigami support forums if you have a question related to Sitetools usage.

Please report bugs in our Sitetools issue tracker.

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Resource file: sitetools-0.6.0.zip sitetools-0.6.0.zip

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