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new features and fixes

Sitecontact 1.3.3 is now avaialble. The release is a minor one in relation to bug fixes, but does contain some improved functionality including checking for banned IP, email address or username against the list in the Base module Restrictions page.

In this version 1.3.3

sicon-000786 Improvement Allow wider range of emails
sicon-000994 Improvement Allow custom text as wysiwyg
sicon-000993 New feature Banned list

Prior 1.3.0 changes

sicon-000670 Bug Calendar property (xaraya) incorrectly displaying
sicon-000671 Bug Reference to base module navtab css
sicon-000777 Bug Check for $item isset prior to returning
sicon-000696 Improvement First line info for drop down subject
sicon-000778 Improvement Error and exception improvements
sicon-000779 Improvement Revert to non-datadict table creation
sicon-000780 Improvement Support IPV6
sicon-000785 New feature Import and export contact forms



Xarigami core 1.4.x 

Note: If you are running Xarigami cumulus 1.2.0 - 1.3.x  please use the corresponding Sitecontact module in the Xarigami developer snapshot area.


Check the Sitecontact Module Overview page once the module is installed for usage information and pointers to further information.

The main Sitecontact Project Home Page has Tabs to resources such as how tos, tutorials, and Sitecontact specific news. Please log bugs and feature requests via the Tracker tab. You are welcome to discuss aspects of the module and suggestions.


If you have custom override templates, remember to diff against the system template in the Sitecontact's xartemplate directory to ensure you have any key changes.

Don't forget to upgrade Sitecontact in your site's module listing, and then activate it.

Please post your bugs and feature requests at the Xarigami Sitecontact issue tracker.


We welcome your discussion and feedback, and support questions at the Xarigami user or developer forums.

The latest development snapshots as well as tar.gz files are available in the Xarigami developer snapshot area in the modules directory.

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Resource file: xarigami14x_sitecontact-1.3.3.zip xarigami14x_sitecontact-1.3.3.zip

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