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enhanced private messaging module


The Xarigami Messages module is based on the Xaraya Messages module by Scott Gardiner.

Xarigami Messages ModuleThis module allows site members to send private messages to each other. The messages are actually stored in the comments module so this is a requirement.

The features unique to the xarigami messages module are:

  • Updated interface for both user and admin areas
  • administration modify configuration page with ability to adjust configuration options directly in the admin GUI
  • easy on/off switches for popular hooks such as bbcode, smilies and dynamic data
  • Inbox and Sent Message quota limits for users set by the admin if required
  • notification of private messages to the recipient by email
  • Admin ability to enable or disable notifications by email to users on receipt of a new private message
  • notification email options and template override ability
  • new preference page for users where they can set their notifications on or off (if allowed by admin), the number of mail messages per page, and toggle their 'away' message on or off
  • paging added to inbox, sent and draft mail box views
  • 'away message' moved to the new preferance page where it can be set, and independently toggled on or off so the message content can be retained
  • integrate form hooks for bbcode, smilies, and also html to all areas of create/edit/preview
  • reformat the message box navigation and the preview/message compose
  • remove old icons and add new standard icons (in messages module for now, until everyone has updated to new icon pack in base)
  • update shorturl encode/decode for new functions
  • add hooks for new/create/modify/update and modifyconfig
  • make special provision for dynamic data hooks
  • provide support for attachments through dynamic data file upload or upload data property
  • quotas for inbox and sent messages
  • sorting and ordering of mail messages by subject, status, sender, recipient, date
  • independent deletion of messages - deleting a message sent does not delete the recipients inbox message


  • Xaraya Aruba 1.1.5 + or Xarigami Cumulus 1.1.6 +
  • Xarigami Comments or Xaraya Comments module
  • Xarigami or Xaraya smilies, bbcode for hooked transform modules. Please note that xarigami smilies and bbcode differ to the xaraya versions and we cannot guarantee the xaraya versions will work as intended with xarigami messages. If you do find problems, let us know and we can investigate updating the xaraya modules to comply.


Stable Version 2.0.0 available from the version 2.0.0 download page or the dev snapshot area as zip and tar.gz.

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