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simple formcaptcha


There has been a number of Xaraya modules available to combat spam bots. This module was developed in response to specific requirements not catered for with current xaraya captcha modules.

I'd spent some time looking for a suitable solution and came upon a simple script that was used as a basis for this module.

The module has been fuelled along after futher requests from clients and implementation of a flavor for them and one of the criteria was that it worked without the need for freetype lib complied into php. Now we are rolling it out into a generalized module with further enhancements.

  • works with or without freetype lib compiled into php which most other catpcha scripts require (eg Xaraya formantibot module) but will also take advantage of freetype lib if installed
  • provides a simple clear text captcha that is easier to read than normal captchas but provides antibot features such as changing colour backgrounds and text
  • a good alternative to weaker javascript options
  • can have a personalized list of catpcha words that adds oft requested useability for captcha (also said to trick the usual bots)
  • has added option for autogenerated captcha instead of the personalized list
  • integrates easily for submissions of comments, articles, sitecontact modules

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