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A utility module that secures forms from abuse by bot's by requiring input of numeric challenge or image based text challenge known as CAPTCHA


The Xarigami Formantibot module is an enhanced version of the Xaraya Formantibot module by Carl P. Corliss (aka Rabbitt).

Formantibot can be used to secure forms by requiring the user to input a response to a challenge, in this case an image based text into a field prior to form submission or numeric entry in response to a simple arithmetic test.

Captcha has been used todate in our Sitecontact module, and Comments module via direct api calls. The addition of new/display and create/update hooks now enable the site admin to hook Formantibot to a module to activate it via hooks.

The modules is also currently behing enhanced with additional captcha methods including number equation captcha. It will also be integrationg our formcaptcha (for those without freelib) module.

Features include:

  • Image challenge (version 0.6.0 and above), and simple arithmetic number challenge captcha (Version 0.6.1 and above) selectable in one module
  • Easy integration to modules via new/display and create hooks
  • Ability to turn on captcha for anonymous visitors posting on your site, or all visitors (including logged in registered users)
  • Additional modify config options to enable configuration of the captcha display from the administration interface
  • Highly effective captcha display with large range of variables that can be changed as needed for improved security.


  • Xarigami Core (cumulus or above), or Xaraya 1.1.5 and above (1.x branches)
  • modules supporting new/display hooks as well as 'submit' hook  such as Xarigami Comments, Xarigami Articles, and Xarigami xarBB Xaraya Comments has been updated to work with Formantibot.
  • modules that have integrated Formantibot via apis such as our Sitecontact module (in process of conversion to hooks)
  • for image captcha php with support for GD and true type fonts.


Stable release available at Version 0.7.1 or latest changes in the Dev Snapshot area in zip and tarball form downloads.

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