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Xarigami was originally based on the 1.x and 2.x branches of Xaraya. The code base has been enhanced for our own and client needs for business and community use.


Xarigami is a free, open source, flexible and standards compliant application development framework focusing on usability for both the web developer and end user. It is built on core code optimized for delivering secure, scaleable and stable web sites for the individual or organisation,  and supplying a rapid development environment for the developer.

The features and functionality of your Xarigami web site can be extended using a wide array of modules and themes.


The functional roadmap with planned improvements and features can be found at Xarigami Roadmap. The issues including bugs and feature request are detailed on our Issue tracker.


  • secure, stable, scaleable
  • usability - user interface, themeability, maintainability
  • rapid development environment
  • out of the box key functionality for website admins and developers
  • standards - XHTML1.0 strict and/or HTML5, accesibility, CSS 2.1/3

main features

  • Updated for php5 taking advantage of its best features, currently requiring php 5.2 minimum
  • Xarigami block layout templating system providing flexibility and ease of customisation for every aspect of your theme.
  • Xarigami theme variable and dynamic css with css variables for ultimate theme control and portability
  • Xarigami javascript/ajax system with flexible apis that allow you to easily add plugins from a variety of libraries as necessary. Out of the box functionality is based on JQuery but you can drop in your MooTools, ExtJS or other libraries as required.
  •  XHTML1.0 strict out of the box but full support for HTML5 and other standards including your own tag style!
  • SEO support with friendly short URLS out of the box without mod_rewrite, and enhanced URLS with mod_rewrite. Meta content adjustment from your web browser and search engine correct page headers (404, 403, 200 etc).
  • Roles and group based privileges and access rights that can be customized for every area of your site.
  • Easy development testing and problem identification with 'Log in As' functionality for testing user access rights and separate  user and browser sessions
  • Custom content types with your own choice of content fields, and inbuilt validations for input
  • Centralized blocks security allowing all block access on your site to be controlled from the Blocks module. Blocks can be administered dependent on the user permissions for each block and there is no need for separate code in modules for security instances or any security checks in the module blocks themselves. Blocks module handles it all.
  • Fast development environment with features to enhance maintenance and upgrade
  • Completely reworked exceptions system to aid in development and problem solving as well as separating system exceptions from user errors now handled by the code and open to customization
  • Mailer enhancements with mail queue review, features for prevention of mail returns and bulk mail changes
  • Advanced password reset added as an option to allow users to reset their own passwords only after they confirm their request for the reset
  • Enhanced moderation level support in core for content modules
  • Bot and link spam prevention features


A linux, Unix, Windows, or Mac OSx webserver such as Apache, Lighttpd or Microsoft IIS. It must be able to run PHP and  a database (mysql, postgres, sqlite).

We recommend a minimum of MySQL 5.0 or  SQLite 3, or Postgres 8 for your database.

Xarigami 1.3.5 and over require  a minimum of php5.2 but we recommend php 5.3

You may also require additional PHP extensions for added functionality such as GD Library, SimpleXML, Curl etc.


As well as upgrading from older Xarigami sites, you can also upgrade from a 1.1.1 or above Xaraya site using our enhanced upgrade script and site/database health checks.

current version

Stable: 1.4.0

Development : 1.4.1

Download:  development snapshot and download area.

Monotone Code Repository: You can also access the latest code via our Monotone repository. Please contact us with your public key if you would like monotone access. For more information on setting up your monotone for use with xarigami see : xarrigami dev - starting with monotone

file releases:

  • Download Xarigami on Nov 5, 2012
    Download the latest Xarigami core, modules and themes.

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