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Jo on Mar 11, 2008 02:58:49 PM


A blend of xaraya comments and xarigami enhancements


Comments module has had a few workovers in the past. Our Xarigami Comments has been in the mill here for some time, and updated with many of the enhancements we've required here for Xarigami and other development projects.

Xarigami Comments has the following features:

  • Manual or automatic comment approval/holding such as prior approved post, link number, banned IP or words
  • Manual and automatic thread locking
  • Provision for posting by non-logged in (anonymous) posters and full anonymous posting support with name, email and optionally website
  • Support for users posting as Anonymous
  • Administration area for approving comments, marking them as spam or putting then on a moderation queue
  • Integration of captcha via hooks with the module Formantibot
  • Notifications integration with two notification types - notify of a reply, and notify of a comment on a specific item thread
  • Akismet integration (xarigami akismet module) via hooks
  • Reworked form hooks that now work seemlessly with BBCode and the new Xarigami Smilies (popup or inline selection).
  • Enhanced permissions for RSS comment feeds - no more back door access to content by unauthorized as per the xaraya comments module
  • Review of privileges for increased performance
  • Updated block code for standard blocks (they were old style), with template overrides
  • Updated templates, configurable templates per module
  • Cleanup of function code
  • Many bug fixes

xarBB forum module also benefits from these changes, as it is built on the Comments.


  • Xarigami Core 1.1.5, or Xaraya 1.1.x (will loose some functionality)
  • Xarigami Comments works with other Xarigami modules including Formantibot, Akismet, Smilies, BBCode, dpHighlighter, xarTinymce


Stable 1.6.2

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