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Jo on Jun 20, 2007 01:17:43 AM


Enhanced Articles module with publishing features.


The Xaraya articles module is a mainstay for creation of key content on a site. The ability to define a new publication type and extend it with your own fields through dynamic data, provide custom templating for each at fine grained level, and it's ability for tight integration with Xaraya hooks makes it very versatile.

Although there are other good content modules, the existing inbuilt functionality of the articles module makes for very quick and easy content creation especially suitable to dynamic content.

Xarigami Articles is ourflavor of the Xaraya articles module.

Features :
Article module checkin checkout

  • true document archiving allowing you to take a document out of circulation includingi search and optionally make it available to users
  • document cloning - great for creating documents from a template, or when you do not want to have to rewrite information all over again for a release or other often replicated content
  • enhanced 'easy admin' blocks security (uses the Xarigami Core Block security model)
  • checkin-check out capability for articles that can be switched on or off for a publication type
  • check out time and editor with bulk check in option
  • integration of changelog with the checkin-checkout facility
  • enhanced display functionality allowing easy creation of custom page navigation layouts
  • some 'group by' category functionality in the publication summary view page when category browsing is chosen
  • other minor features and improvements


  • Xarigami Core Cumulus or Cirrus  - for core versions over 1.3.x please access the module via monotone in the relevant branch.

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