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Jo on Oct 8, 2007 01:00:22 PM


Contact form management made easy with email options


This is a Xaraya module that I created some years ago to make creation of "contact forms" on a site quick and easy.

This is still the aim and the current Xarigami Sitecontact module which retains the ease of use of early versions in addition to new features and enhancements.


  • Quick and easy creation of contact forms for your site
  • Multiple forms on your site each with custom fields and their own configuration options, all created from the administration area
  • Allow users to submit the form on site, with or with out a copy emailed to themselves, in addition to an email copy to nominated site administrators
  • Nominated administrators can vary and be allocated according to set subjects of the contact forms
  • Copy to and blind copy options
  • Inbuilt choice of captcha for additional security in the case of anonymous form submission
  • Form submission can be protected on a form by form basis using Xaraya's inbuilt roles and privileges - different forms for different groups of users
  • Option to save the form responses for later review in the database, in addition to emailed responses
  • Templates for text and html emails are fully customizable using (X)HTML for users and administrators, for each form if required
  • Ability to provide custom templates  per contact form, for not only displays to user but also administrators,
  • Waiting content block available for forms saved in the database - great for support queries, meeting or conference registrations, and much more
  • Easily extend any of your forms with Xarigami dynamic data fields and add the data to user or admin emails or display pages
  • Export of your existing Sitecontact forms in XML and ability to import them into same or another site!
  • Now, automated confirmation on processing or 'approval' of submitted forms if required!
  • Additional security features including IP logging(ipv4 and ipv6), referer, email obfuscation, in addition to the integrated Captcha and antispambot modules.


Sitecontact 1.2.1 and below can be used with Xaraya core. Please contact us if you would like to try the new Sitecontact 1.3.0 or above. If there is some demand we're happy to create a version for Xaraya Aruba or Jamaica.

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Version 1.3.3

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