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xarigami sharecontent 1.1.0 xarigami sharecontent 1.1.0 Dec 31, 2011
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Jo on Aug 5, 2010 11:34:17 PM


Based on the original Xaraya module by Andrea Moro


Add a selectable block of social network sites to an article or other content item for users to click on and share the link.

Now you have even more ways and more flexibility in how you add share links on your site.


  • Updated with unobtrusive javascript with JQuery 
  • php 5.3 compatibility
  • Added more sharecontent websites
  • Interface for managing sharecontent websites enabling adding new sites, modifying and deleting exiting social sites
  • Sharecontent data property
  • Specific data properties for Twitter, Facebook and Google +, allowing configuration in the property itself.
  • Now you can add share content in a number of ways, easily and configure them in the UI:
    • hook Sharecontent to modules and itemtypes and select the share sites you wish to have display. The share sites will display at the bottom of your content itemes by default.
    • Use the Sharecontent dynamic data property as hooked DD or standalone DD tag to add your list of share sites to an item
    • Create dynamic data properties for the most common shares sites of Twitter, Facebook and Google plus and configure the various properties in the data property configuration itself. Easily add Tweet, Follow, Like, or +1 and more, links and icons to any of your content items with hooked Dynamic Data properties or standalone dynamic data tags.

Please add your requests in the issue tracker or discuss in the xarigami forums.


  • Xarigami Core 1.4.0 or above for Cumulus series of modules
  • Uses Jquery shipped in current xarigami core versions

current version

xarigami sharecontent 1.1.1 (1 Jan 2012) - available on the 1.1.0 version download page or in development snapshots.

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last updated 26 Dec 11 15:09

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