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facilitating KnowledgeTree DMS use with Xaraya


knowledgeTree (KT) is an open source document management system (DMS) written in PHP that I've now deployed in a few organizations. There is a free community version. Although I would have loved Xaraya to have true document management and revision control, along with all the associated wants in this area, at the moment it is still some time away. KnowlegeTree provides a powerful PHP application that can handle document management and revision control and combined with Xaraya they can be a mighty combo for an organization.

KnowedgeTree has a system of 'plugins' that allow relatively easy integration of new functionality, as long as you are aware of the limits of the current code in KnoweldgeTree (a few somewhat incomplete implementations caught me out a few times). The other major issue is the php4 based PEAR classes that have kept me away on my php5 installs from some of the other goodies that come with KT.

This project covers the following (php5 only, Xaraya2 and Xaraya 1):

1. xarauth

A plugin that allows users to login via knowledgeTree login and authenticate from your Xaraya installation (via the roles table).

2. xarconnect

A plugin that allows users in your Xaraya site to automatically connect and be autologged in to KT via a link in your Xaraya install.

The smoothness of integration here depends on a few tweaks to the smarty templates in KT and at the moment both implementations are rather basic. Have plans for enhancing these when time permits but for now they are time critical and specific project focused.

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