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Jo on Oct 18, 2007 05:52:03 PM


Simplified issue tracking for projects


Over the years we have tried a number of issue tracking and bug tracking applications. However they have either been overly complicated, or unsuited for the jobs required. One of the best issue trackers i've tried is a java app called JIRA and this is emulated with partial success (by purpose or not i'm unsure) by Flyspray in PHP. The former is opensource commercial software. The later is a free opensource application. While we were using Flyspray at one stage it has become unsuitable for our own current needs and processes. This was mainly due to its growing complexity which impacts on time to setup and admin a project, among other issues that became apparent after using it.

This Contrails project has the following objectives:

  1. Integrated into Xarigami : done
  2. Simple to setup, simple to use:done
  3. Ability to have multiple projects of different types, with their own configurations :done
  4. Track different types of issues depending on projects such as incidents, bugs, improvements, feature requests, support requests and non-compliance issues :done
  5. Have milestones and versioning if required, per project :incomplete
  6. Control membership and access level to each project, and user functions within a project based on project member roles, with abiltiy to differ for each project (eg Project manager, Developer, Reporter) : done
  7. Extensible fields for each project, and field values for attributes such as priority, resolutions, status, issue type :done but incomplete in some features. Coding in some areas requires rework.

The project is being conducted in stages with most of the above work completed.

We are currently using the development version on this site as our issue tracker for development, and in 'help desk' mode on our 2skies.com site for clients using hosting and related services.


  • Xarigami cumulus and above (not xarigamimi 1.1.8 branch or xaraya)
  • PHP5


Development version now available from monotone at:


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