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Xaraya Akismet is a utility module using the Akismet API, a collaborative effort to reduce comment and trackback spam.


The Xaraya Akismet module does nothing by itself. It works in conjunction with other Xaraya content modules that have been adjusted to work with Akismet.

You can learn more about how Akismet itself works from the Akismet website.

This project tracks the integration of the Akismet classes into a functional Xaraya utility module that is planned to be used with a number of other Xaraya modules. These include Comments, Xarbb forum, and Sitecontact forms to name a few. Theoretically this can also be used with other modules where posting of an item is open to spamming.

The following features are available in the Akismet module:

  • Administrator configuration for insert of Akismet key and overview
  • Access to Akismet classes directly or through Xaraya API functions that enable direct integration for those that wish to implement this in their own modules
  • Xaraya hooks for ease of use with other Xaraya modules that have the functionality for akismet and support the hooks. There are modify config hooks as well as create and update API hooks.
  • You can turn notification of spam and non-spam (ham) off while still enjoying the ability to automatically check posted comment for spam.
  • Akismet block showing Akismet statistics


  • Xaraya 1.1.x/Xarigami core
  • Xarigami Comments, any otherĀ  Xaraya module that has the functionality to use Akismet.
  • php5 or above

Current Status

The Akismet module is currently at Beta status. All integration to Xaraya modules is now conducted by hooks.

Please see the Akismet tracker for futher tasks and prioritizations.

The modules with current prioritized order for integrated working with Akismet are:

  • Xarigami Comments - completed
  • XarBB - in progress (dependent on comments)
  • Sitecontact forms - in progress

Integration in all of the above are provided by :

  • ensuring the functionality required for working with Akismet is provided in the module (eg moderation)
  • standard Xaraya hook support is available for Akismet

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