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when your Xaraya site refuses to let you in ...


Xarigami SOS is based on the idea of the Postnuke Swiss Army Knife (by Christopher S. Bradford) and is a tool that helps site administrators rescue their Xaraya websites after development or site configuration goes unexpectedly and awfully wrong. You may find yourself with a broken site and unable to log in.

What does it do?

Xarigami SOS is a very simple looking script with powerful functions that allow you to repair your 'site gone bad' under certain situations. All options are provided in the Main Menu and are fairly self explanatory. This current version of Xarigami SOS provides the following options:

  • Administrator Password Reset. Quick password reset option for your default administrator. Use this when you have forgotten your password, your email refuses to send you your password, or the password reset process refuses to do what you ask ...

  • Theme Reset. Sometimes a bad theme can lock you out of your site. Use this option to reset your Default Theme to a working theme, reset the theme directory to the default themes directory (if required), and clear all user settings for theme so they revert to your chosen Default Theme. This option will honour a relocatable theme directory if you have one.

  • Permission Reset. Accidentally deleted default privileges or related entries from your database? Created a new privilege and accidentally locked yourself out of your site? This option allows you to reset your privileges back to the default set of privileges installed when you created your website. You have a few options here but beware! This is not a straightforward task. If you use this tool, all the privileges in your site will be deleted and core module privileges recreated to defaults. If you have other privileges you have created, they will be lost. This option also assumes you have default groups and roles such as Everybody, Administrator and User groups, and Anonymous and Me users that would have been created at install time. Note that this option will cater to standard Xaraya and Xarigami privileges (xaraya version 1.1.0 and over).

  • Authentication Reset. Authentication modules other than the default Authsystem module can be useful, but also lock up your site and prevent login if the correct requirements or components are not available on your site. Use this option to reset your Authentication module to default and deactivate any other authentication modules you may have installed.

  • PHPInfo. Standard PHP Info display in case you need it.

How do I use it?

I was originally averse to using such a script as Xaraya SOS due to the security concerns. However the number of times that support issues have arisen that call for such a tool has prompted me to create it, for use by either new Xaraya users experimenting with Xaraya, or wisened Xaraya developers that want a quick fix for their sites.

*** Security Warning ***

XarigamiSOS provides direct access to vital areas of your xaraya site, and has no security protection via password or other frontend security. You should take extreme care when using the script on websites open to the public, and ensure the following requirements are met:

  • Rename the xsos.php script to another file name prior to use and upload to your website root directory.
  • Remove the script from your site and public access immediately after you finish using it.

Requirements and steps for use

This add on script Version 1.1.0 works with Xaraya 1.1.x,  and Xarigami Core versions 1.1.6 and above (Use version 1.1.0 for xarigami versions less than 1.1.6).

  • Your xaraya configuration file, config.system.php, must exist and be located in the default /var directory of your website.
  • Your database must exist and be accessible via the settings in your config.system.php file.
  • Default roles (Admin, Users, Anonymous, Everybody, Myself) should have existed on your site prior to it behaving badly ...
  • Upload the xsos.php script (renamed for extra security!) to the web document root of your site and then browse to the script.
  • Choose your option from the main menu.
  • Remove the script from your website directory and server once finished with it.

Latest version

Version 1.2.0 available in the download page, or the addon devbuilds area for the latest.

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