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XSOS 1.1.0 released

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Xarigami XSOS version 1.1.0 has been released bringing this handy site tool up to date with the latest changes in core.

Xarigami XSOS helps you repair your Xaraya or Xarigami site when you have been doing something that you shouldn't have on site and your site then refuses to behave! You can quickly and easily restore your site to working condition with:

  • Administrator Password Reset
  • Theme Reset
  • Privileges reset
  • Authentication reset
  • PHP Info

It is also useful for developers that want to reset an aspect of a site quickly and get on with development work.

Grab the latest version of Xarigami XSOS 1.1.0 at the download page. Current and prior versions are also available from the Development Snapshot build area.

Please let us know of any additional features you might require in this application, or any bugs you come across in via our issue tracker.

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