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xartinymce 3.3.0b1 available

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The latest xarigami version 3.3.0 is now available in beta version. This version incorporates all of the upstream project code in the new tinymce 3.5.0 (beta3) plus additional fixes in the code repository branch to revision 8457778.

The version is a major upgrade and supports HTML5, as well as major rewrites for non-editable content plugin, preview of styles in drop down and more. Of course there are also many bug fixes.

However, keep in mind this is a beta version release of xarigami tinymce, containing the latest beta code from the upstream project.

The beta module is available in zip or tar.gz format as xarigami14x_3.3.0.b1 in the modules directory of the dev snapshot area.

It is also available from monotone in the modules database in com.2skies.xarigami.modules.tinymce branch.

This is a beta version. Please test thoroughly if you intend to use it on production sites and report any issues in our issue tracker or discuss in the forums.

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