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It's our birthday and we are celebrating!

It's Xarigami.com's first anniversary of operation this month and we're celebrating!

As part of the celebrations we are giving away the presents! We are offering a free hosting, development and support account pack for 12 months to a person who can persuade us they need it!  Yes, it is also possible for existing hosting clients to also qualify. Please go to the Xarigami Giveaway page for full details of submissions and details of the hosting and development pack.

You may want the account for a client site, for a community project, or to learn about xaraya or development with monotone. Whatever your reason, tell us in a few words why you want the site and what you plan to do with it and you're eligible for consideration for the birthday present!

This month is an exciting one with more surprises and additions at xarigami.com. Keep your eyes on the site!


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