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xarigami 1.4.0 released

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Finally, a long overdue release is here!

Xarigami 1.4.0 is a long overdue release and as such contains a vast number of improvements, major feature implementations and bug fixes over the prior version. We hope you enjoy it!

You can download xarigami at:http://xarigami.org/resources/Download_Xarigami

Note that a minimum of php 5.2 is required to run Xarigami, and php 5.3 is recommended.

There are many major changes, but some highlights include:

  • Completely reworked dynamic data property handling as well as all core and key module dynamic data properties
  • Theme variable system with dynamic theme vars and skin vars for use in dynamic css and css variables
  • Many new dynamic data properties in core and key modules
  • Newly written bootstrap along with classes and methods
  • All new security features for core protection
  • Major performance enhancements with changes throughout core and key modules
  • New  externals security system allowing secure integration of 3rd party applications and integration with xarigami core apis
  • Major changes and rewrites in xarTemplate, xarBLCompiler, xarBlocks, xarCore, xarServer, xarTheme and validation subsystems
  • Three starter themes demonstrating the use of theme variables, dynamic skin variables, dynamic css and css variables, and css generators
  • Enhanced menus
  • Completely rewritten installer and upgrade with 'site health checks'
  • Upgrade of adodb to php 5 only version 5.1.5 and many database specific fixes

Please see:

  1. Installing: see the file INSTALL.txt in the distribution or on site at installing xarigami.
  2. Upgrading: see the file UPGRADE.txt in the distribution or on site at upgrading to the latest xarigami.


The major features, improvements and bug fixes can be found on the Changelog page, and are summarized below:

Issue ID



xgami-000753 Bug Fix collations for table creation
xgami-000755 Bug Installer should not fail outright without config.system.php
xgami-000758 Bug Base menu block - cannot switch off all modules
xgami-000760 Bug Duplicate rating meta tag in header
xgami-000762 Bug Empty js src in some cases.
xgami-000763 Bug Upgrade - Undefined index: test - in fix_135_01.php
xgami-000765 Bug array DD property doesn't work
xgami-000766 Bug bltemplate property doesn't work
xgami-000773 Bug JS Code has parse error
xgami-000794 Bug Wrong locale returned for autodetection without any charset returned by the browser
xgami-000796 Bug roles avatar tag requires updating
xgami-000806 Bug Js library can be loaded in head and body with no check
xgami-000820 Bug DD Objects can be created with a space
xgami-000821 Bug Allow empty off disallows 0
xgami-000822 Bug No selection causes object error display
xgami-000824 Bug Upload consistency in attributes
xgami-000830 Bug DD create and update hooks too late
xgami-000831 Bug js loading order is not consistent
xgami-000838 Bug xarLogger does not take log level
xgami-000845 Bug Problem with xCache
xgami-000846 Bug broken install wtih Postgres
xgami-000857 Bug Purge - various issues breaking functionality
xgami-000869 Bug Metaindexes return wrong for sqlite
xgami-000871 Bug Hidden vs Inactive Blocks
xgami-000872 Bug session issue for Postgres
xgami-000873 Bug countallactive broken in postgres
xgami-000915 Bug multiselect property - hooked data
xgami-000943 Bug getusernavigationlocale not returning expected
xgami-000956 Bug {user} not honoured in image DD property
xgami-000965 Bug google map errors
xgami-000143 Improvement Core module templates
xgami-000231 Improvement Review and refactor of vars
xgami-000468 Improvement sprite css
xgami-000754 Improvement Upgrade for dyn prop def table.
xgami-000757 Improvement Upgrade for every dyn data property
xgami-000759 Improvement Improved Image Property options
xgami-000764 Improvement Performance review of BL Compiler - references
xgami-000770 Improvement Improved bootstrap security
xgami-000784 Improvement Start debug/logger clock from line 1
xgami-000787 Improvement Add method for adding object configurations
xgami-000788 Improvement Friendly URLS for DD and option for SEO
xgami-000790 Improvement Able to exclude a js from aggregation
xgami-000792 Improvement Reworked validation class
xgami-000793 Improvement Rework caching system
xgami-000795 Improvement Rework ObjectRef DD property
xgami-000797 Improvement Defined dd names as tag id and name values
xgami-000823 Improvement Floatbox needs better implementation
xgami-000839 Improvement Add new log level for auditing
xgami-000844 Improvement MLS for JQuery Scripts
xgami-000847 Improvement https detection
xgami-000848 Improvement phpcompat for json encode/decode
xgami-000851 Improvement User messaging system
xgami-000855 Improvement DD File upload - display support
xgami-000856 Improvement Enahnce output display in DD upload related props
xgami-000907 Improvement Separate pager for user/admin in DD
xgami-000912 Improvement Anonymous roles redirect
xgami-000918 Improvement Update DD short urls for new space option
xgami-000924 Improvement Provide for different table prefix in DD import
xgami-000756 New feature Dynamic Data (rewrite) scenario merge
xgami-000771 New feature Bootstrap calls
xgami-000789 New feature Comment near JS tag
xgami-000791 New feature Site health check in upgrade
xgami-000807 New feature Module function overrides
xgami-000825 New feature allow duplications - overwrite or versions
xgami-000837 New feature Image resize on upload
xgami-000840 New feature Add XARLOG_LEVEL_AUDIT to core mods
xgami-000842 New feature Debug group sees all in Production mode
xgami-000843 New feature solve js template dirty markup and unescaped variables
xgami-000849 New feature Select search DD fields and context
xgami-000850 New feature Theme Vars UI for Input vs config
xgami-000874 New feature Theme skin vars
xgami-000875 New feature Dynamic CSS compilation and context
xgami-000876 New feature Skin var classes/ objects and style processing
xgami-000902 New feature Admin theme
xgami-000911 New feature Hidden Login
xgami-000917 New feature Option of _ or - for short url spaces
xgami-000938 New feature Block layout in Content block
xgami-000953 New feature Superfish base menu
xgami-000954 New feature Child menu item on/off
xgami-000955 New feature base menu - pubtype articles
xgami-000812 Task Upgrade jQuery FormWizard to 3.0.5
xgami-000813 Task Upgrade jQuery to 1.5.2
xgami-000814 Task Upgrade jQuery UI to version 1.8.11
xgami-000815 Task Upgrade jQuery Form to 2.69
xgami-000816 Task Upgrade jQuery treeview to 1.4.1
xgami-000817 Task Upgrade jQuery Validation to 1.8.0
xgami-000870 Task Upgrade to Jquery UI 1.8.13
xgami-000906 Task Update ADODB to 5.1.4
xgami-000966 Task Upgrade ADODB to 5.1.5


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