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Xarigami 1.4.0 is a milestone release. While we are busy at work on the stable 1.4.x release branch  and new 1.5.0 development branch, here is a reminder list of some of the key enhancements that make xarigami 1.4.0 such a pleasure to work with.

  • New bootstrap file with hardened security for all entry points to xarigami
  • Externals security system enabilng you to easily integrate xarigami security features such as roles and privileges into 3rd party scripts such as IBrowser file browser in TinyMCE
  • Still using block layout, with enhanced template override system enabling you to edit any template without touching system core or module template files
  • File overrides that enable you to edit functions and include new ones, without having to edit system module or core php files
  • Javascript API that provides easy drop in of any of the major Javascript libraries such as JQuery, MooTools or ExtJS and their plugins, with easy custom overrides of javascripts and javascript CSS per module or site wide
  • Skin vars and theme vars - use theme vars, or skin vars that enable you to dynamically adjust theme variables and use variables in your CSS. Create generators for gradients or other CSS widgets and include them dynamically in your theme.
  • Theme wizard that enables users to set theme and skin vars in the UI to dynamically adjust themes such as colors, shadow, images or switches for widgets such as timers or menus and more
  • Reworked, fast, style sheet aggregation, optimization and caching
  • Javascript aggregation and caching
  • Reworked dynamic data system and a bevy of new and improved dynamic data properties including social media properties

While there are many more features and fixes in 1.4.0, the focus on security and ease of theme development and usability make xarigami 1.4.0 the best release yet!

Whether you are a theme creator or web application developer, or site administrator, you can create the simplest site or most complex web application using xarigami in quick time, knowing it will be easy to upgrade and maintain into the future.

We look forward to bringing you new tutorials and how-tos on the new features. Let us know your requirements on the forums or in the xarigami IRC room.

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