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xarigami 1.3.4 now available

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We're pleased to announce the availability of Xarigami 1.3.4. While we were saving most of the major features from our 'access', 'newdirs', and 'themedirs' scenarios for 1.4.0, we have decided to move some of those features to 1.3.4 as a little preview and to gather bug reports and suggestions for the major release point 1.4.0.

Xarigami 1.3.4 :

  • merge of the Variables and Classes branch back to cumulus (original work done for Cirrus branch) with updating including class conversions and ongoing work in xarMod, xarTheme, xarSecurity, xarSession, xarCache, xarServer, xarCore, xarConfig (this file is now removed), xarLog, xarUser, xarDB, xarAdodb (new), xarDataDict, xarLocales, xarVar, xarValidations, xarExceptions, xarBlocks, xarDataDict  and related files. This continues the conversion of core functions to classes and updating for php 5.2 and above bringing improved code and performance.
  • gives an insight into the start of the Administration interface which has the objective of simplifying, making more intuitive to use, and removing themed markup so it is much cleaner in look and easier to work with. So far we have only added a little of the rearrangements with the full rework coming in 1.4.0.
  • Renamed Base to Site Base to better reflect the Site Base module as the one stop place for global configuration options.
  • Continued to ensure there is unobtrusive javascript throughout xarigami core, and that switching off javascript in your browser will not break functionality in any core areas
  • Simplified the Site Base area, moved tabs to first level of navigation in Site Base, added new tabs, and moved functionality from other areas of the site where it improves usability and logically fits in Site Base:
    • Reworked Site Information page with site revision information, php info, and optional xarigami security and development feeds
    • Locales and Places tabs for everything you need to do with locales, language, places and timezones
    • Performance and Debug tab for debugging options and performance enhancements
    • Site restrictions tab for Site Locking and banning via IP, email and user name
    • Site configuration tab with subtabs for Display and URL options, Server and Session tabs, and URL Rewriting with Virtual Path Localization (eg http://yoursite.com/fr).
  • Rewritten output caching via integration of code from mikespub
  • Finalises CSS aggregation, optimization and caching management (in the SIte Base Performance and Debug tab)
  • Finalizes key features for Cumulus and adds further improvements in the Installer and Upgrader - always run the Upgrader when upgrading and use the handy 'Fix' buttons to implement missed upgrade areas
  • Improved management of Theme variables - most useful for portability of themes between sites
  • Improved and additional Dynamic data Properties
  • A new more compact Calender data property (date/time picker) that now allows manual editing of dates and times with javascript on, or a blank field if required.  The old Xaraya jquery date/time picker has been removed. Changes are backward compatible.
  • Updates to latest JQuery, Adodb, phpmailer and other 3rd party classes
  • Updated non-core modules in the base distribution
  • Bug fixes and many other improvements

For upgrading, please remove all your  existing core files and add the new files from the distribution. There are removed files and changed directories so this is important. Please run the http://yoursite.com/upgrade.php script when you are ready which will also outline any additional preparations, and point you to documentation for upgrade.

Please help us improve the code for the 1.4.0 release with your bug reports and suggestions either via the issue tracker or the xarigami forums. You can also catch us in IRC at irc://talk.xarigami.com

Xarigami 1.3.4 is available from the monotone or from the Xarigami Development Snapshot area in both Core distribution (core modules only) and Base distribution (core plus additional modules).

Demo at http://demo.xarigami.com. We tend to leave content here from users and the site is continually upgraded rather than installed fresh on a continual basis. Let us know if it requires resetting.

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