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We're pleased to announce the Cumulus 1.3.3 revision point of xarigami is now complete.

You can find the code in the monotone com.2skies.xarigami.core branch.

Note that this revision point has numerous improvements, new features and a number of important bug fixes over prior versions.

For those of you that have not been keeping up to date with the changes this 1.3.3 release point includes new features as well as all those in prior xarigami 1.x branch releases including (but not iimited to):

  • Xarigami theme variables and Theme Configuraiton screen  (see Xarigami Theme Variables for more info)
  • Configurable directory layout with custom directory names so you can move many of your files out of the web directory
  • Rewritten exceptions system implemented throughout core files and modules
  • Easy integration of any Javascript framework with our reworked javascript tags. All javascript is kept out of the core/main system files and stored in the 'script' directory for easy upgrade. All javascript and script css can be overridden in the usual ways in your themes.
  • Javascript enabled admin and standard image sprites (also available for modules)
  • Unobtrusive javascript with graceful degradation throughout core Administration, working in all areas with or without javascript
  • Support for mysqli (MySQL improved driver) in addition to MySQL (if you so wish to use it still), SQLite, and PostgreSQL
  • New installer and upgrader with support for new layouts, multi site directories and var directory outside of the web root
  • Database health check routine in upgrade with 'Fix' options for individual upgrade checks
  • Upgrade routines for Xaraya from version 1.1.3 and Xarigami  from version 1.1.6 to current 1.3.3 version
  • Our popular 'log in as' or 'proxy login' in the Roles module enabling optimal user support experiences
  • and many more features in core and modules ...

You can always see the completed changes and fixes (where we remembered to log them 0.o ) in the issue tracker at: http://xarigami.com/contrails/versions/xgami or the latest issues and fixes at http://xarigami.com/base/latest

Our equivalent Xarigami Cirrus 2x branch is now available at com.2skies.xarigami.core.cirrus

This branch contains all the features of the 1x Cumulus branch and more including:

  • code reworked for php 5.3 with conversion of code where appropriate to object/classes
  • dynamic data  scenario merge and rework with all new property definitions and configurations and many more options
  • caching rework
  • complete table review and table changes with related code changes for optimised performance
  • (We are working on upgrade scripts from our Cumulus to Cirrus branch)

NOTE: PHP 5.2 minimum is required for Cumulus and php 5.3 for Cirrus. The Cumulus range of modules must be used for Xarigami 1.2.x and above (including cirrus branches). 

We hope to have the build system working and tested for the Cumulus modules and  layout changes for Cumulus and Cirrus for New Year :) 

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