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Translation help request

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We currently do not have many languages/locales in the xarigami languages monotone repository and want to expand it as much as possible. We know there are a number of xarigami sites out there with different languages.

We are hoping that anyone with translations for xarigami, either core, modules or themes can contribute them to the project.

If you have any translations, in the first instance please submit a ZIP or TAR.GZ file to us for addition to the languages repository. Do not be concerned if they are not complete or just beginnings.

If you wish to help with translations in other ways, please also contact us.

It is usual for translations if there is one person as contact point per locale to do the commiting or manage that translation overall for that locale. If you have ideas about setting up translation sites for a locale that can be shared for translation of a locale, or other ideas for locale maintenance,  or wish to be a contact for a locale, please let us know. We will be happy to help setup and supply resources.

Thank you in advance for any assitance you can give!

Xarigami support forums: http://xarigami.org/forums - Translation help topic

Xarigami IRC: #xarigami channel at irc://irc.xarigami.org




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