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sitecontact 1.1.0 released

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Featureful form creation that keeps email harvesters at bay

Sitecontact 1.1.0 for Xaraya 1.x series was released today. This is a major release with many bug fixes, new features, and enhancements to code and templates.

Please read the release overview page for Sitecontact 1.1.0 for details, download, and important instructions if you are upgrading.

The Sitecontact Issue Tracker also has an online changelog listing major issues fixed in this this release version.

This site is orientated around projects, so you might also like to vist the Sitecontact Project Home page. This is where you will find tabbed links to sitecontact resources including articles and downloads, sitecontact new, issue tracker links and the Sitecontact discussion page.

New and existing users of Sitecontact might wish to review the new features in Sitecontact 1.1.0 and take a look at our latest Sitecontact feature article on email harvesting: publish your email address safely

Please add new feature requests and bugs in the Sitecontact Issue Tracker. We welcome you to add your ideas for features and development at the sitecontact discussion page, or subscribe to discussion there.



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