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RolesPriv Scenario on Demo

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The current RolesPriv scenario has been loaded on the Xarigami Demo site at http://demo.xarigami.com

A test Moderator Menu has been setup for test moderator user (moderator1) who has Add level access for Users group. This set up uses the new Group instances available for the Roles module in the RolesPriv scenario.

We would appreciate you testing and letting us know of any problems or changes you come across. The RolesPriv scenario is also available in Monotone. If you require access to this branch please contact us.

This scenario code has been kept updated with the main cumulus branch changes by propagation so hopefully there will not be any bad merges. Of course, as people play with the demo site there may also be other privileges or changes made that affect the intended demo. Please feel free to play but if you need the demo site reset or have questions, please contact us or post in the xarigami forums.

We would like to merge this scenario back to the main core cumulus branch. We appreciate any feedback you have.

There are a few hidden extras in the RolePrivs scenario. Have fun.

Note: The moderator menu on the demo site is using an instance of the adminmenu block with the latest xarigami core block changes.



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