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RolesPriv merged to core

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The RolesPriv scenario has been merged back to the Cumulus core branch in monotone, and these changes have been incorporated into the latest dev snapshot builds.

These changes provide needed functionality to the Roles module allowing users or groups to moderate or manage specific groups of users at various levels of access.

As an example, the changes allow a Group Moderator to have the ability to edit users in a group, approve membership or add and remove memberships in the group, send email, or review privileges and so on, dependent on their access levels for the Group. Using the new Roles masks, these Moderators only see the users and action links that are related to their own groups and levels of access for those groups.

There are no changes to the database as the new roles masks were added previously with the 1.1.7 build.

The changes retain backward compatibility in roles, and add to the existing functionality.

Major changes affect the Roles module admin functions and templates.  As such, for those with existing sites, upgrade should be a smooth process and only require replacing core files and templates.

You can see the latest changes at the Xarigami Demo Site. Please post any issues including bugs to our xarigami core issue tracker.

We welcome your feedback, ideas and any upgrade or install questions in our Xarigami Forums.



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