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building a collection of anti-bot tools

Formantibot 0.6.1 now provides multiple captcha methods.

A simple numeric challenge captcha has been added to the Formantibot module in version 0.6.1. The captcha method can be selected in the Modify Configuration page.  Further captcha methods are planned for addition in the future.

Additional options in the Modify Config page have also been added in this verison for specifying font directory and selecting the true type font for image captcha, as well as a selection of additional true type fonts.

All new features can be tested at the xarigami demo site.

Formantibot 0.6.1 module can be downloaded from the development snapshot download area. Please see the Formantibot project page for more details.

Please note that you must have Xarigami Core to run Formantibot 0.6.1, and should have the latest version as of today. The Formantibot module makes use of new dynamic data properties added to the Base module, specifically the FileList property. The latest Xarigami Core is also available from the development snapshot download area.

Formantibot 0.6.0 is also available for those wishing to use it with Xaraya 1.1.x core.



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