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new site features for dec 08

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more site features, better support

We are pleased to announce new site features for Xarigami  in December 2008.

These include:

  • our first birthday and¬† a first issue of Xarigami xRays - our low volume newsletter to bring you insights into xarigami development, tips on building your sites and applications with Xaraya, and latest site news
  • new Fast Frames movie tips when you don't have the time or inclination to read the manual
  • new Xarigami Support Forum for user support with our Xaraya modules and themes and xarigami core; and discussion on using Xaraya for theme, site and application development
  • additional user profile features
  • new dev builds, as often as you need them, details in the first Xarigami xRays issue

Sign up now for Xarigami xRays if you are not already subscribed, you can manage your subscription once you are logged in. We're taking suggestions for new Fast Frames; and the Support Forum is a work in progess, so let us know your suggestions for improvement!

Don't forget to update your online status and avatar in Your Account profile.

Check them out, and have fun!

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