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New iBrowser and Imanager

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The new iBrowser and iManager V3.1.0 image management plugins for xarTinyMCE 3x series are now available.

These plugins provide image browsing, image upload, and basic image manipulation for xarTinyMCE, with iManager providing all the sophisticated image editing with cropping, watermarks, masks, filters and so on available through the included phpThumb script, and more.

Both iBrowser and iManager plugins have been updated for php 5.3 with functions marked for deprecation replaced.

The plugins have been tested and work in IE7, IE8, Firefox (3.6.x), Safari (4.x), and Chrome (5.x). They may work in other browsers and versions that have not been tested, but they do not work in Opera at this stage.

You must have xarTinyMCE 3.x or above to use these plugins.

See the iBrowser 3.1.0 release page for more information on installation. Both of the 3.1.0 version plugins are available from the addon directory at the developer snapshot downloads.

Please post issues in the xarTinyMCE issue tracker.


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