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mid august 09 core updates

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sprites, php5.3, deprecated functions, mail and other things

It's been a busy few weeks here but work is progressing quickly in the core code.

The first few weeks of August have seen quite a few changes in core and it is important that those with access to the xarigami monotone repositories and using core are familiar with those changes. Here are the key areas:

  • comprehensive variables for testing email settings so any combo can be checked from the Mail Admin GUI
  • update of phpMailer to php5/6 version with additional tweaks for php5.3 and xarigami standards
  • tweak the new Tabs css to offer better compatibility across various themes
  • Float box updated and fixed with dummy constructor for other modules that call it (for some reasons even when it wasn't there ...and get an error)
  • complete work through of all core modules and areas for php5.3 compatability and removal /rework of code for deprecated functions. These were considerable. Core no longer requires the deprecated error warnings set to off - it can run with full error reporting. Some key modules also completed in this area, some to go.
  • xarigami sprite css updated and tweaked for better compatibility across firefox, opera, safari and IE 7/8.
  • final implementation of the sprite work in core utilizing a small common sprite css file for  a set of different, smaller sprite maps. All dependent templates updated.
  • added the missing icons to base module in xarimages/icons directory - these should have been here but didn't get mtn added. Theses are our standard core icons and retain compatibility with upsream xaraya. Xarigami also integrates these into the current set of sprite maps for those that want to use them (see the updated Image use in Xarigam Core - Sprites for normal image and sprite use).
  • various smaller bugs in privileges module and roles module that seem to have been there since version 1.0 of xaraya
  • added an extra attribute (version) to the xar style tag for those that like to use this trick to force css reloading on their sites.
  • There were a few other bits and pieces and of course some continued work on modules (articles, tinymce, comments, registration, categories in the main).

These changes are all available in monotone and are currently loaded on the xarigami demo site. They will be rolled into the builds after some further testing.

For those with monotone access, please make sure you update your xarigami sprite css if you are using the new core. The work on eliminating deprecated php calls was also extensive covering ereg* functions, split* functions, session_unregister/register/is_registered and so on (check the php release notes for php 5.3 for more).

We appreciate the patches,  feedback and issue reporting that you have all provided so far. For those with access to the monotone code, or using the builds, please keep up the good work with the reporting :)


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