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May 09 xargami updates

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There has been much work in the Xarigami code branches during May, including:

  • 1.1.7 build point that finalised the upgrade for user role and role privilege instance changes,
  • Planned Theme module changes. Code and function completion (left hanging for a while but not impacting on use). All code has been made consistent with the Module listings and addition of new Error status reports. The longer term goal is to consolidate many of these functions and reduce the amount of duplicated code. Changes are in monotone and latest build.
  • Theme listing and related. There were a number of theme issues and bugs inherited from the Xaraya 1.1.x line waiting to be resolved and are now fixed in Xarigami. The code and templates have been completely redone, aiming to simplify and reduce upgrade issues by moving code to the functions and out of templates.
  • Theme Classes and Properties - all theme properties can now be updated to the database when they are changed in the xartheme.php file for a theme. In addition the Print and RSS themes are reclassed as Utility themes that can be removed but never set as Default. The default theme on install for Xarigami is now a 'system' theme that can be deactivated but not removed.
  • Module listing - In addition to the new sprite-based icons, the Properties column was also removed. This allowed us to fix a number of bugs and usability issues related to the Properties column use. Overall, the interface and templates are simplified by moving the code back into the related functions.
  • Roles Privilege Scenario. This scenario retains backward compatibility but adds advantages of providing moderator like access to roles for specific groups, as one example. It will be merged after further peer review and testing (please ask for monotone access if you don't have it).
  • Roles - sprites added with a focus on usability. All options including Password change and Proxy Login have been added to the action column, dependent on configuration settings. Roles templates also received some much needed attention, cleaning up the views. We have added links dependent on privileges of the user. This is finalised in the RolesPriv scenario.
  • Privileges- interface includes the new sprites, and also underlying simplification of templates and code. This is also finalised in the RolesPriv scenario by adding new, simpler privilege views and privilege management options.
  • Dynamic Data Status changes that provide a new range of dynamic data property status values. These include view only, display only, input only, hidden and disabled. The relevant code and templates related to the property class have been reworked, simplified and consolidated where possible in addition to the new functionality these changes provide from the GUI.

There have been a number of changes in the upstream Xaraya project the last few months mostly to do with icons and relevant template changes. Where appropriate or deemed necessary for compatibility, these are added to the xarigami branch. The following is a summary of key changes that have and haven't gone into the Xarigami code branches

  • Tango Icons - These were added to the Xarigami branch but unlike Xaraya 1x branch, the icons are added as sprites  in Xarigami. Please see the article Image Use in Xarigami Core for more information on sprite use in Xarigami.
  • New Xaraya CSS classes - after some consideration, we have added the upstream xar-items, xar-action-items, and xar-footer classes to the default theme and Xaraya_Classic theme, and updated the core templates to use these. The addition of these classes in Xaraya is rather questionable with respect to the work involved across many templates and the ramification for existing site themes for those without the new classes. There is no real value added and time could have been better spent. However, to retain theme compatibility where possible, these changes have also been added to Xarigami.
  • Status, Action and other icon combination in Theme, Module, Roles and Privilege listings have been implemented in Xaraya code. These will not be implemented the same way in the Xarigami branches. We want a clear distinction between different types of links such as action links for module use, information links or hook management, and what is disabled and just unavailable.  Overall we have aimed to simplify the interface, adding sprite icons where required, but retain usability which we believe is lost to an extent in the latest Xaraya interface changes (icon transparency and icon grouping).
  • Theme interface - whereas Xaraya has removed all listing styles except icon style, Xarigami leaves the option to turn off icons. The Preview screen is also retained in Xarigami and the interface simplified and made consistent with the Module listing.
  • Granular https support - this is a proposed addition to Xaraya, but the patch as it stands will not be added to the Xarigami branch code. We do not believe the patch achieves the desired requirements for 'granular' https support. We will wait on a proper solution rather than implementing a temporary solution with changes to core function signatures that do not fully achieve proper https support, as they may have to be removed later, causing further problems for those that have used it in their sites.



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