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latest builds sept 09

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The latest builds are now up for core and modules in the dev snapshot downloads area.

You will note that all of the key modules have been rebuilt, and there are extras in the module directory. We have now added a full complement of modules to the xarigami snapshot area that are updated for:

  • CSS menu changes for consistent look throughout core and modules
  • modules that have had replacement of functions deprecated in php 5.3 that will be fully removed in php6 (still a few modules to go). This brings the available modules up to date with the php5.3/php6 ready core.
  • finalized images and sprite use (see Image use in Xarigami Core - Sprites) including addition of the missing icons directory in core. Where modules are formally released, some duplication of images and menus is made in the module for compatibility with xaraya upstream project, and for those that do not have the latest core

All module development branches (for betas) have been propagated into their respective monotone branches including tinymce, messages, sitetools, comments.

There are modules other than those in the download area, in the xarigami monotone modules database, for those that need them. They have xarigami bug fixes and updates for specific xarigami core changes (as above). The full listing of available modules in the xarigami monotone database can be found at Xarigami Dev - db and branch reference. Let us know if you require a specific module and don't have access to the monotone repository, or would like access.

Thanks to you all for your feedback, issue reporting, patches and commits to date. As usual, please continue to post  issues in the xarigami issue tracker, or discuss them in the Xarigami forums.




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