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phpThumbs updated version

phpThumb is a a wonderul image manipulation class created by James Henrich. It serves a key role in the Xaraya Images module. It was added by mikespub to the Images module some years ago, with a useful administration interface in the xaraya Images module admin.

There have been some very useful additions and bugfixes to phpThumb up to and including version 1.7.8 over the last few years, and now these have been updated to the Xaraya Images module.

These changes are available immediately from the Xaraya modules monotone repository, and from tomorrow GMT as a downloadable archive in the Xaraya module nightly builds area.

Please note that it is a minor version update to 1.1.1 to signify the updated phpThumb class. Don't forget to upgrade and reactivate the module in your Administration module listing on your site.



NB: For those that use xarTinymce, the phpThumb is also used in the tinymce plugins  ibrowser and imanager. These have yet to be upgraded for the newer phpThumb class but update is in progress at the current time.


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