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easy integration with hooks.

Formantibot 0.6.0 forms captcha module, released yesterday here at Xarigami.com, enables easy integration to modules requiring secure form submission as well as comprehensive options for customization of the captcha display from the module configuration page.

Captcha is easily enabled in forms for anonymous users, and optionally for all users, by simply hooking the Formantibot module to one of the supported modules.

Formantibot works seamlessly via hooks with our enhanced Xarigami Comments module, as well as Xarigami xarBB forums, Xarigami Articles, and of course, for some years now, with our Sitecontact module (via API calls).

All these modules are available from our site either via their respective project pages or the development snapshots download area.

For those of you still requiring the use of the Xaraya Comments module, we are pleased to let you know we have adapted the code to also work with Formantibot 0.6.0 via hooks. This module is available now at http://www.xaraya.com from the Monotone modules database via monotone, or from tomorrow, it can be found in the Xaraya nightly snapshot area.

We welcome your bug reports or feature requests at the xarigami issue tracker, or for discussion and support at the Xarigami forums.


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