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We're pleased to announce the release of Xarigami Sharecontent 1.1.0.

This is a major feature release adding new functionality with three new dynamic data properties (Tweet, Facebook Like and Google +1) to add even more methods to easily share content on your website. There is also an update and finalization of  the existing Sharecontent dynamic data property.

It is so easy to share your site data and add social bookmarks and share links.

  • you can hook dynamic data to modules and itemtypes to display your choice of social content sharing sites, or specifically customised Twitter, Facebook or Goolgle plus buttons.
  • alternatively hook the Sharecontent module directly to your module/content items
  • add stand alone dynamic data tags for sharecontent property, twitter, facebook or google + buttons

You can read about the xarigami Sharecontent module at the Sharecontent project page.

Grab your copy of Sharecontent now at the download page, check it out of the monotone repository or grab the latest code from the developer snapshot area.

Upgrade your site easily from xaraya or xarigami prior versions now - you will need xarigami 1.4.0 core to run this version.

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