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cumulus 1.1.7 build point

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There has been much work of late in xarigami core and also some core scenarios. Thanks to all those that contributed so far with patches, suggestions, bug reports and direct monotone contributions.

The current 1.1.7 cumulus core build point is a stable build point after the work over the last month or so, including privilege changes in core, and prior to the merging of the major Roles Priv scenario.

Everyone downloading the current build and upgrading existing sites should run upgrade by browsing to your site at http://yoursite.com/upgrade.php. Once you have completed running upgrade.php, please go to your modules' listing and upgrade any modules that require upgrading.

This point build has:

  • updated roles privileges using role uid instead of role name
  • privilege masks are restored to correct syntax. These have been broken since xaraya 1.1.0.
  • new realms instance masks are installed.
  • a number of roles functions have been updated to use standard xaraya database functions and syntax and the dependency on xarQuery and its syntax removed
  • the new dynamic data status options for dynamic data properties are cleaned up further for output (display only, view only, input only, hidden, ignored, disabled)
  • includes the sprite icons throughout core, and some modules, with this point build including some minor fixes for sprite icons and css improved
  • mail module changes including CC and BCC for windows servers, and On Behalf mail
  • Autodetection for multilanguage site URLS (can be switched on/off)
  • Better instance information in Privilege creation

The Base Build also contains the latest xarigami module versions with new modules added including Sniffer and Translation modules (different fixes than upstream xaraya project fixes)

Key points for upgrading:

  • backup your database and preferably upgrade a non-production copy of your site first to test
  • if you have overridden the core css file in your theme, you need to include the path to the new sprite icons in that overridden css file
  • check your dynamic data properties and update them for the new status. This should only affect those using existing hidden status
  • check your privileges

For developers 1.1.7 build point also includes:

- a modified sys::include function as in the cirrus branch and xaraya 2x branch. This allows developers to include a file in the following way:

For core files (in the includes directory) :

[rootdir]/includes/xarBLCompiler.php; becomes sys::import('xaraya.xarBLCompiler') ;

[rootdir]/modules/mymodule/xarincludes/test.php becomes sys::import('modules.mymodule.xarincludes.test')

The changes also allow us to replace the var path function with:

xarCoreGetVarDirPath() becomes sys::varpath();

This build point does not restrict the [rootdir] (ie does not have to be 'html') and the syntax used is compatible with the cirrus branch (and xaraya 2x).

Please post any issues you find (bugs or feature requests) at http://bugs.xarigami.com in the relevant core or module tracker.

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