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Core MTN now php 5.3

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All users that are pulling code from Monotone, please note that the com.2skies.xarigami.core branch has changed. It now holds the latest stable code for 1.5.x development, and  assumes a minimum of php 5.3.

We have a number of evelopment scenarios in progress. To facilitate development the monotone respository has undergone some updates.  The php 5.2.x compatible code is still available and maintained in the com.2skies.xarigami.core.1.4.0 branch. All version 1.4.x releases willl be made from this branch and remain php 5.2.x compatible.

For those of you that require the bleeding edge.  unstable development, the code can be found in the com.2skies.xarigami.core.dev branch. This branch is receiving large changes and stability cannot be assumed at any given time. Modules will also need to be updated for compatibility with this branch use.

For those that download and use the normal releases - there is nothing to do :) Unless of course you'd like to help by submitting your bug and feature requests!

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