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Take a spin at our demo site to see the new moderation features

We've been busy continuing to improve upon the original Xaraya module Comments. This is a quick update to announce that demo.xarigami.com has been updated with the latest code.

With a focus on easing the administration and moderation of comments, new features include:

  • Search - easily locate one or more posts with troublesome content
  • Anti-spam settings - configure threshholds for spam vs. ham
  • Improved admin view - toggle the display of comment bodies and perform batch operations on selected comments

Reference our original dev note here: http://xarigami.com/devnote/comment_moderation to read more about the motivation and goal of these improvements. Work is ongoing - upcoming improvements will allow for avatar integration, more automated anti-spam measures and more user-interface (UI) enhancements.

Feel free to investigate further at our demo site. Feel even freer to post comments here or bugs there.


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