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Behind the scenes at Xarigami during autumn and spring 2008

A key feature of xarigami.com is original site content and code; and there has been a rush of activity here at Xarigami during the northern and southern hemisphere season of Spring and Autumn respectively. Take a look at what has been happening...

  • Xarigami Core (cumulus) work has included major revisions in the theme, module core and api areas, plus additional gui work. Overall improvement in performance, with the removal of redundant code and added features;
  • Theme development is picking up the pace, with a number of our older themes revamped and available soon for download, as well as some new ones;
  • There are a number of existing modules with enhanced features and functionality that will be up for download shortly. The new modules, not yet released, will be accessible from monotone;
  • Our first demo site (one of a series) coming up is our new Blogging Package, that will showcase the new community blogging themes, and community tools such as our xarigami comments and antispam applications. The whole Blogging Package will be available and preconfigured for download once it is finalized.

You can follow development of xarigami themes, modules and core via the individual project page, with links from there to news, issue tracker, resources and discussion. 

There are now a number of organizations using our Xarigami modules, themes and core. The reasons is simple - useabilty and "fit for purpose". If you'd also like to use and contribute to the xarigami code, please contact Dan or myself for access to the Xarigami montone repository.

Your comments are most welcome in the individual Discuss threads for project pages and the Issue Tracker.


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