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There is a new version of Xarigami Articles pending but we require further testing before release. If anyone can assist with this it will be most appreciated.

The new version of xarigami articles requires the latest Core Xarigami  and upgrade.php must be run on existing sites.

Both core and articles module are available from monotone (please contact us if you have a problem with monotone access).

Features of the new Xarigami Articles and things to test for include:

  • Unobtrusive and graceful degradation of javascript using JQuery and the new Xarigami javascript framework
  • Key features for better moderation of articles and article workflow including draft documents
  • Ability to allow users to browse and/or edit their own articles but they cannot approve or change the article status
  • Reworked top items block with new ascendingand descending date order
  • Changed User interface in adminstration
  • Sorting of articles in Admin view, ascending and descending by title, publication date or status
  • Improved handling of editing of pubtypes with wider range of field formats
  • Better handling of checkin/checkout of articles
  • Better handling of characters in short urls when Title is used
  • Lots of fixing of old bugs

There are a few other features in the works to go in before release, but we are sure the current set of features is a big improvement over the last release.

You can also test (with javascript on and off please!) at the demo site http://demo.xarigami.com

Please post your bug reports and suggestions in the issue tracker or discuss in the forums, thanks!


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