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Archiving articles on site

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In order to give you the most up to date and best possible results on this site when searching, or generally looking for relevant articles, we have begun archiving older documents such as downloads and resources that are no longer up to date.

The archived documents will still be available but no longer available through the normal search on this site.

To carry out this archiving we are using the inbuilt Archive facility of xarigami Articles module. As an example, we have just released an up to date version of Formantibot module. Prior release pages are now irrelevant for most users and are archived. We have supplied a link to an archived document for your reference.

This article can be 'unarchived' and brought back into the normal site search and map if required. Additionally, if required the archived document could be blocked completely to specific user groups. Currently all archived documents are still open to those that might need them.

For more information on document archiving using the inbuilt Xarigami Articles archiving facility please post on the forums or read the Articles Overview.

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