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Akismet module in testing

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integration now via hooks

We are pleased to announce that we are on schedule in development of our Xarigami Akismet module and the last phase before release has been finalized.

The Akismet module integrates with a number of Xarigami modules, including Comments, to help prevent spam being posted on your site. You can learn more about how the Akismet service works at the Akismet website.

The new Xarigami Akismet module now works via hooks and is preconfigured to work with comments module. However, the modifyconfig hooks allow you to configure Akismet to work with any Xaraya module that implements  standard Xaraya hooks requirements, and has content that is passed to a set status command.

You can decide to use the Akismet module to automatically check your submitted site comments for spam which under Xarigami Comments are held from publication. You can also optionally set notification on so that when you mark comments as spam or not spam (ham), the Akismet service is notified. This helps Akismet service improve their recognition of spam. Of course, you can have notifications set off and still take advantage of Akismet spam prevention.

The Xarigami Akismet module is now on the Xarigami Demo site but will require a valid Akismet key to work. You can read more on the details on the Akismet module in the Akismet Overview tab at the demo site.

For developers wanting to integrate Akismet into their own modules, we will be publishing the apis and requirements shortly. For those that cannot wait, please contact us.


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