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xarTpl error on php5.2.6 fix

fixed for upgrading to php5.2.6 or over

autumn-spring news 2008

Behind the scenes at Xarigami during autumn and spring 2008

front page changes

latest news, resources, and development at Xarigami

Xarigami SOS lends a hand

when things go very very wrong!

CSSx module first release

better support for CSS in IE7

sitecontact 1.1.0 released

Featureful form creation that keeps email harvesters at bay

xaraya development notes

musings and discussion material

the latest with notification

comments and issues at a glance with notification

contrails issue tracker

It's up and running, our new issue tracker.

site enhancements

The Xarigami site is in a state of ongoing development as we ramp up with content and features.

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