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Xarigami is our 2skies.com customized Xaraya and platform of choice for web focused services and products. We use Xarigami in conjunction with current web technologies and a selection of the best open source applications to deliver a range of cost effective, web oriented services and products for organizations and individuals.

2skies.com's service philosphy is based on a commitment to openess, innovation, value for money, personal service and fit for purpose solutions.


  • Xarigami is our robust, custom Xaraya used for 2skies.com's clients and our own use
  • Xaraya modules, themes, and addons that can be used with Xarigami and listed in our Project section
  • Xarigami Solutions, our Xarigami out-of-the-box, application packs (xapp packs)
  • Xarigami Starter and Developer Hosting packs , a custom hosting with the speed and flexibility you need when creating with Xaraya combined with extras for tracking your Xaraya project development
  • Xarigami Membership Packs, subscription based products providing a range of support and product options for those developing with Xaraya


  • Inter-, intra- and extranet development
    • installation and configuration
    • module and custom application development
    • site content transfer to Xaraya
    • theme design in consultation with you, and either your choice of graphic designers or our own
  • Group or individual training
    • standard Xaraya 'user' or 'developer' training
    • tailored packages for our customized Xaraya solutions
    • support contracts
  • Web oriented business services
    • working with you to develop requirement definitions and optimize your business processes for transfer and delivery on the web
    • support documentation
    • business and market research services

Payment options

2skies.com provides flexible payment options for purchasers of Xarigami services and products with the following options currently available:

  • Via Paypal including debit cards, e-check, and Paypal supported Credit Cards
  • Telegraphic transfer
  • Mastercard or Visa
Contact us if you require futher details.

Updated: 13 Nov 08 22:29