The Xarigami website serves a number of purposes and therefore offers a range of access levels to information on this site. Each access level has a corresponding level of site membership.

You can become a xarigami.com member for free, and joining up only takes a few minutes. Join now.

1. Casual user (unregistered at Xarigami.com)

  • can browse and read the news, information and resources, and browse through an overview of the projects managed on this site.

2. Xarigami member - basic

Is registered as a member of this Xarigami site and can:

  • browse and read the news, information and resources on this site, as well as contribute
  • full access to public projects on this site
  • post ideas and reply to comments on public projects under development
  • access to prereleases, tips and news scoops through our xRays newsletter
  • browse public project task and issues, post tickets in the 2skies.com issue tracker, view code commits and timelines for projects
  • post in the xarigami support forums

3. Xarigami member - developer

A Xarigami developer member is a registered member of the Xarigami site and has:

  • All of the above Xarigami member basic access, plus
  • Access to Xarigami and 2skies.com hosting and development knowledge base
  • Two support units included (see Support Policy, extra support units can be purchased at any time)
  • Use of the Xarigami website facilities for use with one of their own projects (can be public or private), including project registration, project news and resource publication
  • hosted private (or public if desired) issue tracker
  • access to a centralized monotone server for serving their project code
  • member discounts (varied) on other Xarigami and 2skies.com services and products

Note that all clients taking up 2skies.com Xarigami Developer Hosting Packs, or selected web development consulting services are automatically enrolled at this level.

Additional levels of participation may be available in the near future, please contact us for additional information.

Updated: 23 Nov 08 15:03