Full Service Bogomips

Reliable, fast, secure, 'we know what Xaraya needs' boutique hosting. Today's web applications are demanding. Inadequate hardware and poor service configuration can drastically impact the performance of your Xaraya site. In contrast, we are constantly tuning and seeking faster performance.

What we provide:

Featured Software:

  • Lighttpd
  • PHP-FastCGI
  • MySQL
  • Monotone
  • xCache

Standard Features:

  • Manage your domains' email accounts
  • Manage your domains' databases
  • Regular off site database backups
  • Virtual FTP Sub-users
  • Monotone access (or your own monotone database and server as developer package add on)
  • Fast servers with shared or dedicated server packages
  • Managed services including email, DNS, upgrades, security, proxies
  • Multiple phps, full control over your php.ini's
  • Control over your own lighttpd configuration
  • SSH access
  • Free Xaraya installation with standard upgrades for core and modules
  • 24/7 support for things that might go wrong
  • Easy payment options, 'no contract' plans

What we don't provide:

  • we don't provide a control panel on shared hosting (on dedicated if requested). We like to ensure optimal performance for everyone, and least interference from 3rd party applications in our upgrade and maintenance plans
  • we don't provide $5/mo hosting. We cater to those that need performance and room to move on a server, with custom hosting needs.
  • we don't provide unlimited support for things that you break (you can purchase support units for this and you get two free units when you purchase a plan)

The Balancing Act

In order to balance the load and provide the most bogomips for serving our web applications, we have dedicated multi-core, multi-processor servers for just serving websites. Tasks such as DNS, mail, log processing are allocated to other servers in our small farm.


  • Single Site $25/mo
  • Developer $50/mo
  • Custom Hosting Plan - Contact Us
  • Dedicated Servers - Contact Us
  • Private monotone server and database add on $10/mo

The Single Site plan caters to those who develop their own site. In addition to support, we also provide tools to make administrating your site easier, including simpler upgrade paths, backups, caching. If you've outgrown the shared hosting but it isn't time for a dedicated server, this is a good choice.

The Developer plan provides additional resources at your fingertips, catering for those that work on multiple sites.

The Custom Hosting plan is for those that are not quite ready for a dedicated server but need extra facilities or support services.

For those with a large user base and custom needs, we offer Managed Dedicated Servers, tuned to serving your Xaraya sites. Contact us with your specific needs.

Updated: 13 Nov 08 22:40